Studied Psychology at Wellesley College

Taught elementary and middle school in Massachusetts & Virginia

Awarded an M.Ed. and a Ph.D. at the University of Virginia

Earned tenure and multiple awards for teaching, mentoring & research productivity at Texas A&M University (2006-2016)

Instructed undergraduate and graduate students at TAMU

Directed TAMU Reading Clinic - Clinical Experience and Community Outreach Program

Graduated and placed > 10 Ph.D. students in faculty positions

Received multiple federal grants (e.g., NSF) to support multidisciplinary projects

Co-directed POWER Writing Support Services at TAMU – led workshops, developed writing course for international students, provided individual support for graduate students & junior faculty

Published (and continue to!) > 50 peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters 

Trained in mediation with a focus on managing academic conflicts

Work on research projects at the National Reading Research Center of Norway in Stavanger, Norway.

Lead workshops for university faculty in writing productivity & mentoring in the US & Europe. 

Am a Mom to twin boys

Founded “The Positive Academic” providing coaching on academic productivity, writing, and balancing the many demands on academia -- while staying true to the inspiration behind one’s work.

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