“Erin is amazing at helping organize tasks and breaking large projects up into smaller, more manageable chunks. I love how she helped us create functional to-do lists and consider macro and micro level time management.”

Assistant Professor, University of Alabama

“Erin consistently holds people accountable for established expectations -- sometimes this is a gentle focused questioning that prompts the person to think through specific steps that must be taken into account, while other times it's a determined "here is what you promised yourself, now what are you going to do to make that happen?"

Assistant Professor, TAMU

“From my experience, Erin is wonderful at providing clear and detailed feedback that helps bring out the best writing from those she mentors. In fact, as I have been giving feedback to graduate students this year, I have channeled Erin so many times.”

Assistant Professor, University of Southern Mississippi

“Erin models what she preaches in respects to productivity and writing. She has a great sense of timing that allows her to suggest the exact right reading (book, article, news piece) that a person needs at exactly that moment”

Associate Professor, University of Alabama

“Erin is a master at creating and running effective teams.  She can support a wide array of teams in their efforts to build a consistent plan for completing a project or forming a cohesive group”

Assistant Professor, Boise State University

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